Interview at PosterGully

1. How did you get into graphic design / illustration?
I was interested in all kinds of art, whether it be painting, sketching, product designs or  architecture when I was young. But I learned only one thing and that was sketching and always kept my love for other forms of art as well. After reading about everything from science, literature, poetry, philosophy, music, I felt Graphic Design is something I want to spend some time on. It feels like home and I am happy to be a Graphic Designer.

2. How would you best describe your style of artwork?
It’s all minimal, pop art, inspired by comics.

3. What is your design process, from where do you start your artwork?
I start with rough sketches to get the idea of what i want. Then goes some basic research about the idea. I start sketching ideas. Whether it be typography or illustration. After that i scan it and upload it. Then it depends on two things. If it looks as it is I’ll use and add colors and modify it. If it doesn’t, then based on the layout I finish the design which can be same or completely different.
And sometimes if project demands a deadline, i create and finish it directly on PS.

4. What tools do you use for your artwork?
PS + wacom + pencils + pens + sketchbooks and lots of coffee.

5. What do you do when not working?
I read a book, catch a movie in weekends or play my favorite game 8 ball pool, which these days is getting replaced by brand new game Smash Hit.

6. How do you stay inspired?
I surf design blogs and collections, but instead of surfing all the time i spend time only when I feel like. As I believe if I’ll be able to absorb even 10% of what i see and learn something from it and keep it in my memory, I’ll be happy.

7. Do you have any advice for young designers?
Don’t be afraid if you feel like your work is not good, just keep working. You’ll learn new things as you keep on going.

8. What is the most fun part of being a designer?
Even at the age of 50 you can carry crayons and sketchbooks to your workplace.

1 aspect of design you value the most?

1 font you use the most often?

1 design-related book you would recommend every budding designer?
It’s not a book, it’s lecture about “Ten Things I Have Learned” by iconic graphic designer, Milton Glaser
Click here

1 design magazine you can’t do without?


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